“Parents still prefer having a boy rather than a girl.” says a respondent to the online survey I’ve put up two months ago. Some may agree and others disagree in this Western world we live in, but in India, it’s a proven fact. In the early 2000’s, the country’s sex ratio has fallen to 927 girls for 1000 boys. Sex selective abortion has become an underground business that has been grossing more than 224 million US dollars in India with doctors going against the law to perform these sex selective abortions. Others who can’t afford sex determination tests, usually give birth and then get rid of the child if she’s a girl. This unethical selective process is expected to have an impact on the amount of human trafficking, sexual violence, child marriages and maternal deaths due to early marriage in the next upcoming years according to experts. There’s no need to mention that this is just an addition to the unusually usual high crime rate against women in India, a country where a big majority worship women goddess. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years or had never had the opportunity to sit down and watch one of those soap opera dramas your mum watches on Sun TV or its sister channels in the other languages such as Gemini TV or Surya TV, you are probably not asking yourself why this atrocity is so common. Nevertheless, if you are asking yourself, our groom buying traditions are one the main roots of this issue. Yes, I am talking about this toxic dowry tradition.

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