The Dharma is a blogging platform targeting South Asian youngsters and people around the world to get to know more about the problems surrounding the South Asian community. While some of us are well aware of the numerous problems in our community, some still refuse to acknowledge their presence or are simply just unaware of it. This platform is an attempt to bring light to those issues and possibly make a change. Now, you might think sitting here and reading my blog won’t suddenly change this whole community and alter their perception. As a matter of fact , you are absolutely right, however, as Albert Einstein once said : “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”  Thus why, I think it’s important to inform yourself and cater to the needs of the one’s who need it the most , because actions are as important and speaks louder than words. Getting the right information surely does help when getting down and doing your own share for our community. As you inform yourself through this platform, I also want you to get involved so feel free to share your stories just right here.

On a more lighthearted note, I hope this online journey to be a fun one for all us , not that defending social issues isn’t fun, since it truly is when you fight for something you believe in, but discussing heavy topics aren’t always easy. That’s why you can unwind with one click on to the entertainment section above or just right here. Scroll through movies reviews and playlists and feel free to share yours with me.

Last but not least, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so if you don’t agree that’s totally fine. I wish my blog to radiate positivity and if you want to discuss in the comments go ahead , because that’s what I really want. I want us to share our different perceptions on various topics , however if it isn’t constructive, I will kindly suggested you to leave this platform.

If you wish to contact me to share your story, you can do so in the Write Me Back section as I previously mentioned or checkout my social media platforms down below, whatever is more convenient for you :

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Sharing is caring, so share your thoughts and break the ice on issues that hinders the progress within our own society. It’s 2016, it’s time for those issues, that should’ve been addressed long ago, to once for all be addressed with no shame and barriers.

Alright , I am done with all the technical blah blah,  you can go ahead and scroll away.

Jil Jung Juk, Tamil, 2016. Image Credit ;