I’m Back …

Hey there! If you found your way to this article it’s probably because I found the guts to comeback and pursue my writing journey on here. Although I’m probably not the best writer out there nor have “out of the box” content, I must admit that this platform allowed me to store my thoughts somewhere and bring back my joy to create. There was something extremely relieving about writing on this platform. It helped me filled a part of the creative void I’ve been feeling for the last five years or so. It was something fresh and I’ve been missing it a lot lately and that’s why I’m back again. I wish to give it another shot and perhaps bring new angles and different perspectives to this blog  out of an academical context. ( If you didn’t know, I created this blog initially for academical purposes. )

All of this to say that I’m back and have millions of ideas and open for a billion more! If anyone is willing to shoot me few suggestions, please do in the comments down below or on my social medias platforms linked above as per usual!