Review of the 2016 Tamil Action movie, Iru Mugan by Anand Shankar, starring Chiyaan Vikram, Nayanthara and Nithya Menen

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Personally, I’ve never been a great fan of Vikram, his movies just never compelled me,   however, Iru Mugan is definitely a treat wether you are a Vikram fan or not. Vikram, Nayanthara and Nithya Menen have joined hands with director Anand Shankar to give us a thrill packed blockbuster and one of the most high grossing Tamil movie of 2016 and this , for all the right reasons.

The story starts in Malaysia, when an old man suddenly attacks the guards at the Indian embassy. When we figure out the reason why the old man behaved such way, we are introduced to a drug called “Speed” that gives you the power to be extremely powerful for one single minute.

We are also informed that this product is produced by a smuggler called Love, portrayed by Vikram later on in the movie. The story then flashbacks to four years before the event occurred and focusses on the love story of Akhilan Vinod, enacted by Vikram and Meera George, personated by Nayanthara, two agents of RAW ( Research and Analysis Wing ; a foreign intelligence agency of India). Their beautiful married life has been cut short as soon as it started, after Love eliminates Meera, who’s been partner in Akhilan’s RAW mission to eliminate Love previously. Akhilan’s world is shattered and he goes after Love and supposedly kill him. Akhilan is then suspended from the RAW Agency for killing Love without producing him to the agency. However, when four years later, the “Speed” drug reemerge, the plausibility of Love’s death is questioned, since Love was the only one who knew how to produce such drug. Akhilan, who truly despises Love, is ready to go any extent to once for all eliminate Love and the essence of the story relies in wether or not he will succeed with the help of his RAW assistant Aayushi, portrayed by Nithya Menen.

Although the plot can get confusing to follow at times and we might feel like there is many holes in the storyline, because of the nature of the story, Anand Shanker doesn’t fail to impress us. In fact, the high point of this movie, in terms of script, lies within the intrigue created throughout the first half and the plot twist right before the intermission. The two and half minutes before the intermission truly grabs the audience. The plot could’ve deviated into terrible really quickly in such attempt of a sci-fi script, but the director succeeds to bring this new type of genre to the Tamil audience without making them fall asleep.

Another plus point of this movie is without any doubt the soundtrack. Love’s distinct whistle and introductory background music gives the audience a chill and suits extremely well Love’s eccentric personality. The whistle is definitely Love’s trademark as it sticks with you even after you leave your seat, it just accentuates your admiration for this character. Furthermore, Nayanthara’s background music also succeeds to add a pep and thrill to Iru Mugan. The song Halena gives a modern vibe and young feel to the movie albeit the cringe feeling you get when you see the music video, considering the real life age gap between the main characters. Overall, Harris Jayaraj has given a solid soundtrack towards success for Iru Mugan.

Last but surely not the least are the characters, especially the main characters who bring down the house with their amazing portrayal. Despite the fact that we might feel like many characters lack screen presence such as Aayushi, portrayed by Nithya Menen, all of them truly look involved as far as the script goes. Nithya gives her 100% in this Nithya Menen like character. Moving on to the stars of the film, the protagonists and most importantly the AMAZING antagonist are a pure joy to watch. Nayanthara got as far as to outshine Akhilan, the main protagonist, with the portrayal of her meaty role of Meera George alias Rosy. She might’ve seemed like a secondary character throughout the first half, but she comes right in time at the intermission and truly marks her spot in the movie. She then carries out herself amazingly until the end of the movie with her stylists doing an amazing job on her looks throughout the whole movie. Finally , the Queen of this movie that will take your breath away, Love. Vikram portrayed Love so well that you almost look past the fact he is an antagonist and you end up secretly wishing he eliminated Akhilan. Love is portrayed with such elegance, quirkiness and extravaganza without being too over done that the whole movie is worth watching solely for that one character.

VERDICT : Iru Mugan, a thrilling action and love packed ride that you will fall in LOVE with.

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