Review of Remo , the 2016 Tamil rom-com by Bakkiyaraj Kannan, starring Sivakartikeyan and Keerthi Suresh

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If you are going to sit down expecting a logical and coherent storyline, with depth in characters and a valourizing image of women, well don’t. However, if you are going to sit down expecting for an insane cinematography, a bomb soundtrack and a lighthearted entertainment, well you are just about fine to hop on the ride.

Remo is the story of a character named SK who is an aspiring actor in vain. One day, he randomly sees Kavya, a doctor, on the road and is convinced that she is the one made for him and if he gets her into his life, success will come to him in every aspect of his life.

However there is two things in SK’s way, his inability to profess his love upfront and when he finally gets the spunk to do so, well turn’s out Kavya is getting engaged to a rich foreign doctor, surprising isn’t it ? Definitely a never before seen plot! In turn of events, Kavya’s first encounter with SK occurs in a bus while SK is disguised as a nurse and he introduces himself as Regina Motwani whom Kavya calls Remo to keep it short and sweet. From this point on, the plot takes many turns and the rest of the story forms how SK and Kavya unite.

Starting with the low points of the directorial debut of director Bakkiyaraj Kannan , the storyline is very weak, already seen and overall, irrational. How many movies have we already seen of men “catfishing” women in order to win their heart? Hmmm… let me think … Surya who pretends to be a certain Manohar in Ghajini, Simbu who basically introduces himself as various personalities to cheat women in Manmadhan, Dhanush who lies about his whereabouts in Kadhaal Kondaen and the list goes on. Remo is just another movie where the man seems to be a predator chasing after its prey. The storyline is simply surrealistic as Kavya is so oblivious and naive to SK’s true identity , thus making her character lack depth. Furthermore, the rest of the cast lack as much depth as the main characters, they are the generalization of every Tamil rom-com characters of mid 2000s, the typical friend/comedian of the main character, the wealthy and light-skin fiancé of the heroine and the lovely supportive mom who is portrayed by Saranya Ponvannan. Even Saranya, who usually shines bright in mom roles, seemed to be dull and recurring as the role attributed to her did not make justice of her true acting potential.

Although the plot is a big let down for this movie, cinematographer P.C. Sreeram and editor Ruben are the true heroes of the story for managing to make a two-hour long feeble plot, a visual joy for our eyes. In fact, the combo gives us an extremely high-class, magical and posh looking movie enhancing all the “highkey” cheesy lines during close-up scenes and out of the box songs sequences.

As for the music, Anirudh once again did his magic and got all the youngsters knowing the lyrics by heart before the movie even releases. If you can get past the usual women condemning lyrics you usually find in Anirudh musicals, Senjitaley and Remo Nee Kadhalan have a killer beat, while Sirrikadhey is a delight for your ears. The musical background escorts the visuals perfectly with its up-lifting beat and mellow melodies.

As for the main characters, Remo truly succeeded its main goal, portraying Sivakartikeyan in a different angle. Siva proved us that he can give us a commercial entertainer, no matter how paper-thin the plot is, and show his capacity to appear as a fresh, totally renewed and romantic looking actor on-screen. His comedy timing and delivery of cheesy romantic lines are so spot-on that you barely notice the predictable dialogues. Although Keerthi Suresh’s character lacked meat, she is effortlessly charming, elegant and beautiful on-screen. Keerthi did somewhat a good job by bringing a spark into this movie with her smile and bubbly portrayal of Kavya, a very superficial character. They both paired great on screen like in Rajini Murugan but in a totally stylish, modern and refreshing manner with both being well styled.

VERDICT : Over all, Remo can be a one time watchable, eye-pleasing movie if you are looking for something to unwind and make you forget the real world with its half-baked plot.

Remo , Tamil , 2016. Image Credit : forest


Watch the trailer here and the whole movie here.